Cresto Smartline X


The Cresto Smartline X is the smallest and lightest emergency personal evacuation device on the market. The device is light enough to be worn continuously thanks to the lightweight and strong Twaron® Aramid rope. The Cresto Smartline X is designed to be used once by one person. However, after use, the device can be sent to an authorised Cresto body for inspection and rope replacement.

The Smartline X can be used in all climatic conditions, with temperatures ranging from minus 25°C to plus 50°C. During wet or humid conditions the user will see a lot of smoke; this is normal.

Descent speed should be between 0.5m/s to 2m/s (metres per second). It is vital to keep control of the tail rope during descent. During long descents (more than 80m) or depending on speed and weight, the descender will get hot. Always wear gloves. The Energy absorber safeguards against peek loads during rigging/descent.

The built-in 3:1 mechanical advantage can be used to lift a user off their equipment during a pick-off rescue.

Designed for use in the following sectors:

  • Wind, Telecoms, Tower, Oil & Gas, Cranes, Offshore

Cresto Smartline X - 01223012x - rigged device

Cresto Smartline X – Specification

  • Rope: Heat resistant 5.5mm Aramid (Twaron®)
  • Minimum load: 60kg
  • Maximum load: 140kg
  • Packaging: open or vacuum sealed
  • Standard lengths: 50m, 75m, 100m, 125m, 150m and 200m
  • Weight: 3.8kg (200m)
  • Built-in 3:1 progress capture pulley system
  • RFID

Cresto Smartline X includes:

  • Smartline X descender
  • 5.5mm Aramid Twaron®rope
  • Energy absorber
  • Connecting shackle (between energy absorber and rope)
  • Karabiner x2
  • Aramid anchor sling (EN 795 class B)
  • Red waterproof PVC kit bag


EN341:2011 class 2D


  • 10 years – device
  • 7 years – rope

Cresto Smartline-X_01223012x bag

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