CMC Clutch


The CMC Clutch by Harken Industrial launched yesterday (28th October 2019). It’s a multi-purpose device aimed at the rescue and rope access sectors. It’s the result of a collaboration by two companies. CMC, a company with roots in rescue and rope access and Harken Industrial, a company with its roots in high performance sailing. Both experts in their fields, with a collective experience of 90 years.

Ease of use

Clear markings on the side plate and the inside of the device help to ensure you load the rope correctly. The side plate incorporates a two-step safety latch which helps to prevent you from inadvertent opening the device. The ergonomic handle assists with controlled lowering. Furthermore, it provides smooth personal descent. The familiar anti-panic function locks the device if you pull the handle too hard. You can create efficient haul systems thanks to the connection becket. The faceted sheave provides secure rope holding. The facets also provide you with a visual indication of wear. The stainless steel friction shoe should ensure longevity. In addition, you can also use this device for belay.

CMC Clutch

CMC Clutch Open

CMC Clutch – Features

    • Anti-panic
    • Efficient stainless steel faceted sheave
  • Audible ratcheting one-direction progress capture
  • Stainless steel wear guards and friction shoe
  • Integrated connection becket
  • Clear markings indicate rope orientation
  • Two-step side plate safety latch
  • The device can be locked when forming part of a rescue kit
  • Pulley breaking strength: 20 kN x 2 = 40 kN
  • Becket breaking strength: 22 kN

Rope compatibility

  • 10.5mm to 11.5mm

Descent speed

  • 30-200 kg = 2 m /s (max)
  • 200-240 kg = 0.5 m / s (max)
  • 240-272 kg = 0.5 m / s (max) EXPERT USE ONLY

Standard & Certification

  • Rope Adjustment Device – EN 12841:2006 Type C
  • Rescue Descender – EN 341:2011 Type 2A
  • Belay and Rappel Device – EN 15151-1:2012 Type 8
  • Rescue Descender – ANSI Z359.4-2013
  • Pulley, Descender, Belay Device – NFPA 1983 (2017 ED)


  • 840 grams

CMC Clutch by Harken Industrial