Lyon Obelisk Quad-Pod


The Lyon Obelisk Quad-Pod is designed and manufactured by Lyon Equipment. The Obelisk (LPP0003) provides an elevated anchor point(s) for combined loads not exceeding 272kg (refer to User Instructions). It’s many features and configurations make it a flexible tool in a variety of situations.

Supplied with a 500mm top-beam, which provides a maximum width of 400mm at the cross-head. The adjustable width top-beam allows wider loads to be passed between the two pairs of legs.

The swivel feet enable use of either the flat foot or the spike, depending on the surface. The Obelisk can also be used with dissimilar leg lengths, if dictated by an undulating/uneven surface. However, the top-beam must always be level. The leg restraint straps must always be used as they are essential for the structural stability of the Obelisk.

Lyon Obelisk lowering

Lyon Obelisk Quad-Pod – Product features

  • 3 section telescopic legs (two pairs) for optimum adjustment
  • 500mm top-beam
  • One carriage with swivel anchor point
  • Adjustable width cross-head
  • Captive locking pins provide tool-less locking
  • ‘Swivel and lock’ feet – load spreading or stainless steel spike
  • Leg restraint straps
  • Guy line attachment points

Lyon Obelisk foot/spike Lyon Obelisk with 2x carriage Lyon Obelisk push-pins


  • EN 795:2012 type B (when used for a single person load)
  • CEN/TS 16415:2013 type B (when used for a two-person load)


  • Working Load Limit (dynamic load) single user up to 100kg, two people up to 200kg (refer to User Instructions)
  • Working Load Limit (static load) up to 272kg (refer to User Instructions)
  • Minimum Breaking Strength – single user 12kN, two people 13kN
  • 2200mm maximum height (under swivel anchor point)
  • 400mm maximum width (at cross-head)
  • 22 kg (including accessories)


  • Body – stainless-steel
  • Legs – aluminium alloy
  • Locking pins – stainless-steel
  • Leg restraint straps – polyester
  • Leg restraint straps quick links – steel
  • Leg restraint straps adjustment buckles – aluminium alloy

Product options

  • 300mm top-beam
  • Second carriage (anchor point). No more than two carriages are permitted for use with the 500mm top-beam
  • Transport/storage bag
  • Split transport bag (separates into two units for two person transport)

Replacement parts

  • 300mm top-beam
  • 500mm top-beam
  • Carriage (anchor point)
  • Strap set (4 straps)
  • Replacement pin – long (80mm)
  • Replacement pin – short (50mm)
  • Transport/storage bag
  • Split transport bag

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