Skylotec Milan 2.0


The Skylotec Milan 2.0 is the ‘go to’ industrial evacuation Controlled Rate Descender (CRD). There are three devices in the range. The A-027 which doesn’t have the facility to lift a casualty (for abseiling only), the A-028 which has the hub / wheel to facilitate a lift and the A-029 which also has the hub functionality but can also be used with the Skylotec Rescue Device Driver (RDD) which provides powered ascents. All three offer:

  • a constant abseiling speed of 0.9 m per second
  • 2 person capacity (260 kg)
  • coated core super static 9 mm rope
  • maximum abseil height of 500 m (subject to rope length)
  • temperature range  -35 °C to +60 °C
  • maximum service life of 20 years

The Milan is ideally suited for numerous sectors, notably:

  • Wind energy
  • Oil and Gas
  • Power networks
  • Telecoms
  • Fire Service / Rescue
  • Construction
  • Crane operators
  • Special Forces

A-027 Milan 2.0

Front of Skylotec Milan 2.0 (A-027)

Karabiners are at both ends of the rope. This facilitates alternate abseiling (in a yo-yo fashion). Provided that the rope length is the same as the structure height, as soon as the first evacuee(s) are on the ground, further evacuee(s) can attach themselves and escape (without having to pull the rope through). Otherwise, a temporary attachment point can be tied into the rope when the first evacuee(s) have safely reach the ground.

Weight 4.24 kg


ANSI Z359.4:2013, EN 341-A:2011, MEETS CSA Z259.2.3-1B:2012

A-28 Milan 2.0 Hub

Offers the ability to lift a casualty / evacuee

Front of Skylotec Milan 2.0 Hub (A-028)

Weight 4.8 kg


ANSI Z359.4:2013, EN 1496-A:2006, EN 341-A:2011, MEETS CSA Z259.2.3-1B:2012

A-029 Milan 2.0 Power

Also offers the ability to lift a casualty / evacuee. In addition, it’s designed for use with the Skylotec Rescue Device Driver (RDD) (A-029-G) and the Skylotec Milan 2.0 Power Battery (A-029-A). With this in mind, energy saving ascents of up to 60 m carrying 100 kg in weight are possible. Surprisingly, the battery can even be charged during operation (on the rope). In rescue situations, weights of up to 280 kg can be lifted.

Front of Skylotec Milan 2.0 Power (A-029)

Front of Skylotec Milan 2.0 Rescue Device Driver RDD (SET-260)


Weight 4.82 kg (excluding RDD and battery)


ANSI Z359.4:2013, EN 1496-A:2006, EN 341-A:2011, MEETS CSA Z259.2.3-1B:2012

Moisture protection

All rescue devices kept for emergencies must be checked once a year, even if they have not been used. The Skylotec SEAL PAC makes this regular thorough inspection unnecessary. In this case, the Milan is stored in a specially sealed aluminium box. Once a year, a Skylotec authorised inspector should open the box and check the moisture indicator on the packaging to make sure it is in good condition. If it is, the inspector seals the box once more. This saves time and money in not having to send the Milan away. This makes the SEAL PAC ideal for use in wind turbines and crane cabs. After 10 years, Skylotec must re-seal the SEAL PAC, which can then give an overall life-time of 20 years.

Top view of Skylotec SEAL PAC (SET-SEAL PAC-)

It’s important to realise that only the Milan 2.0 and Milan 2.0 Hub can be stored in the SEAL PAC. The Milan 2.0 Power can’t because of the battery pack on the Rescue Device Driver (RDD).

The Seal Pac Light To Go (SET-SEALPAC-LITG10L) has been designed to ensure safety for mobile deployments. This 59 litre padded lightweight dry bag can easily be taken with you from deployment location to deployment location (provided the indicator does not show any signs of moisture). Maximum service life of 10 years.

Front view of Skylotec Seal Pack Light To Go (SET-SEAL-PAC-LITG-L)

The SEAL PAC and SEAL PAC LIGHT TO GO are sold empty. The Milan 2.0 and other associated equipment must be specified.

Training & Servicing

Training should be provided by a Skylotec certified instructor, who is specifically trained in using the Skylotec Milan 2.0 devices.

Abaris International is an authorised and Skylotec approved Inspection and Service Agent for the Skylotec Milan Constant Rate Descender (CRD) Rescue Device. For further information please click