Rollgliss R550 Controlled Rate Rescue Descender (CRD)


The Rollgliss R550 is the lightest, most compact controlled rate descender (CRD) on the market and is unique in that it also offers a dual brake for the ultimate level of safety.

Rollglise R550 CRD

Ideal for use as a wind turbine rescue device, with the capability to rescue two people in one descent, it is also bi-directional (someone can descend on one rope end and as they do the other end gos up allowing for immediate descent by the next person on the other end of the rope – Yo-yoing!).

Rollglise R550 Maximum Descent Information
The R550 Rescue & Escape Device is also configured to allow a Power Drill to be attached to the centre of the Rescue Hub which can be used in remote assisted rescues to raise the fall victim.

It’s 9.5mm static kernmantle rope is hardwearing and is available in any length from 10m up to 300m (in 10m increments).

For full details or to buy please click the following link: Rollgliss R550 CRD