Ridgegear increases recommended lifespan of their products


Following extensive testing of their webbing and manufacturing processes, Ridgegear have increased the recommended lifespan of their products to ten years.

Press Release from Ridgegear

I’m delighted to announce that, following extensive testing of our webbing and manufacturing processes, we have increased the recommended lifespan of our products to ten years, across the entire RidgeGear harness range.

All yarn is tested for tensile strength and elongation prior to weaving
Webbing is assessed against FMVSS209 for abrasion and in accordance with FMVSS302 for flammability
The finished product is tested for tensile strength, loading, elongation and colour fastness
In addition, all of our harnesses and lanyards are subject to periodic dynamic and static performance tests to EN requirements.

All of this is what you would expect from a company that is part of one of the largest Weaving Group of companies in the world.

However, as UV light is one of the factors that can cause webbing degradation, in addition to these standard tests we have decided to add an UV ageing test. This simulates long UV exposure on harness and lanyard webbings in both polyester and nylon.

The results showed that the breaking loads on all of our webbing types were between 85-98% of their original value, against a minimum requirement of 70%.

It is the success of this additional test, alongside our standard assessments, that has allowed us to increase the lifespan of our products by a further five years.

So the next time you or your customers are considering the purchase of Height Safety products don’t just ask if the product conforms to standard, but ask if it will do so in 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or even
10 years? With Ridgegear products, we not only think it will, we know it will and can prove it.

This new 10-year harness lifespan is effective on all harnesses manufactured on or after January 2010 – identifiable by the production date on the label.