New Petzl ASAP for 2014 – IN STOCK


We are pleased to have just received stock of the new version of the Petzl ASAP. The B71AAA ASAP is a slimmed down version of the current B71 ASAP with a few extra design tweaks:

The body is smaller making the ASAP lighter, 295g as opposed to 350g, and gives it a more ergonomic feel in the hand. The karabiner attachment hole is now triangular in shape which will help reduce the ‘mushrooming’ which can occur with a karabiner repeatedly contacting with one section of a round hole. The cam is now made from stainless steel giving it more longevity and has a protector plate on its lower section to replace the more bulky plastic cover on the B71 version.

Petzl ASAP New Petzl ASAP 2014[/caption]

To order or for more information visit Please also look at the downloads section on this made for the Petzl ASAP product experience.