New harness range from Petzl – Petzl AVAO Harnesses


Following on from our earlier blog article giving you a sneak peek at what is in the pipeline from Petzl for 2013, we can now announce the big news that Petzl are bringing out a new range of harnesses to replace the currect Petzl Navaho range.

The Petzl AVAO harness range is planned for release into UK in early 2013 and comprises a similar range of harnesses to the Petzl Navaho range (with or without the integrated Croll, normal or ‘fast’ buckles, various sizes and black options in some of the range). The new harnesses come with deeper waistbelts offering more padding and support, bigger leg loops with more padding and a neoprene ‘keeper’ for any excess leg loop tape (the AVAO harnesses are aimed to fit a wider size of thigh / waist / height). The sit element of the harnesses have 6 gear loops and have redesigned smoother action buckles (easier to adjust and also a thumb and forefinger release as opposed to the single central one finger button). All the various versions have elasticated rear leg strap retainers (as opposed to the current Bod range which have taped webbing – only the Navaho Sits have elasticated leg strap retainers). The side D’s (buckles) ‘flip’ to a ‘store’ position flat with the webbing (rather than sticking out as they currently do). The Croll on the Croll Fast and Top Croll is based on the new Croll (due for release in January) which is smaller in design to the old Croll. The AVAO harness chest (top) sections have a two tier ‘yolk’ which splits when the harness is suspended from the Dorsal D ring ensuring the ‘under’ or ‘lower level’ yolk stays snug to the body and the Full body AVAOs have a system where the top webbing is interlinked with the leg loop webbing ensuring the leg loops are in a better position for the user if suspended from the rear attachment point (the weight no longer goes solely onto your midriff).

Sizing will be changing too with the AVAO Bod Croll Fast coming in a size 0 and a size 1, the AVAO Bod Fast and AVAO Bod in size 1 or 2,  the AVAO Sit Fast in sizes 0, 1 and 2, the AVAO Sit in a size 1 or 2, the Sit in Black in size 1 or 2. All the seperate AVAO Top harnesses (including the black AVAO Top and the standard colour AVAO Top Croll will be one size and have adjustment buckles on each side and strap retainers to store any excess webbing. They also have a slot for rehydration tubes!). There will no however be a black version equivalent of the Navaho Bod or Navaho Bod Fast (this should not be too much of a problem as the amount of yellow on the new AVAO harness range is very limited – the only option for someone wanting a true all black harness will be to opt for a AVAO Sit Fast in black and a Top in black).

Images and full information can be found on our website by clicking here.