Petzl standardising their karabiner range for 2016


Petzl are standardising their karabiner range with an updated H profile design for their Am’D and William karabiners. Due out in 2016, the H profile provides an optimal strength / weight ratio. In line with the remainder of their karabiner range, the new Am’D and Williams have a fluid interior design and key lock nose, which help limit the risk of snagging, and the former helps facilitate the rotation of the karabiner.

Fluid Petzl Karabiner Design

The Petzl Am’D and William carabiners will be available with a range of gate options, screwgate (with red gate open warning marker), double action (twist pull to open – Am’D only), triact / triple action (lift, twist and pull to open), ball-lock (popular with arborists) and a new very clever ‘Pin Lock‘ (double action but requiring a stud to be pressed using a pin or press stud – Am’D only).

New Petzl AMD and William Karabiners 2016

The Pin Lock is likely to be a hit with adventure parks as it ensures that the only people who can open the karabiner are those with a stud in their glove or with a pin.

Petzl Pin Lock Karabiner


Another clever associated addition to the Petzl range is the Petzl Captiv, a retro-fittable captive bar (can be added or removed to the new design Am’D karabiners using two small screws). Captive bars or integrated eyelets are ideal for reducing the risk of side-loading a karabiner. The great thing about a removable captive bar is that it can be temporarily removed to either replace a rope in or inspect a device such as a Petzl Grillon.

Petzl Captiv


All are available to purchase through our website