Compatibility of the Petzl Stop with the Petzl ASAP


Following a couple of postings on a few social media sites, we thought we would clarify that we do NOT recommend using the Petzl Stop (and any other descending device that does not completely lock off fully without manual intervention) with the Petzl ASAP.

The key reason for this is that the ASAP requires a sudden movement or high speed to work; If a device allows the rope to creep through (which the Petzl Stop may in certain circumstances – on certain types / on certain rope diameters / in certain conditions i.e. in the wet  / on ‘contaminated’ rope), then the ASAP will not ‘engage’ and both devices may descend down the rope. This could prove fatal depending upon dangers below (working above hazards such as water, hot pipes, fragile surfaces, free-flowing solids, traffic etc)

An example would be: if an abseiler was knocked unconscious where the ropes did not reach the ground and no stopper knots had been tied in the rope ends, the Stop and ASAP may creep down and the abseiler will drop off the end of the rope.

Further to this IRATA now recommend the use of EN12841 type C descenders, the Petzl Stop is an EN341 class A descender.

Note: The above information is guidance and it is up to the user / company to risk assess equipment in / out