Petzl NAO Headtorch


I was out mountain biking last weekend at Gwdyr Forest in Wales. It’s a great circuit and as usual I left it a bit late (or am I getting slow?). Anyway things started to get a bit dark and spooky in the woods and even though I had Jake (mydog) with me I felt it may be a bit better if I got my head torch out.

This was the first time I had used my NAO in anger and I must say it’s a fantastic piece
of kit. In the clearings where all is bright it automatically dimmed down and the instant I entered the more dense forestry it brightened detailing every root and rock, so no nasty surprises for me.
The rechargeable battery lasted really well with no sign of dimming but I recharged it from my car on my way home.
Dead chuffed with my new toy.The Petzl head torch is available direct from Abaris International