New Petzl products for 2015


We are pleased to be one of the first companies to provide information on some fantastic looking Petzl products due for release in 2015 which are being showcased at the Expoprotection in Paris over the next few days. The exact release dates are yet to be confirmed but we understand some will be available from January.

Petzl Progress Adjust Lanyards – Adjustable progression lanyards, available in a single or double leg configuration. The lanyard allows for easy adjustment towards and away from the anchor point and is likely to be popular with rope access technicians as part of their cowstail set-up.
Petzl Progress Adjust Lanyards
Petzl Jag Hauling System – A mini pre-rigged hauling system perfect for use in rescue when the rescuer needs to de-weight the casualty. The Jag Rescue Kit can be used in many configurations i.e. attached directly to the anchor point with a descender attached to the other end or for use in a snatch rescue. We are sure there are many other applications for this lightweight hauling kit.
Petzl Jag Rescue KitContained within the Petzl Jag kit are two new pulleys which will also be sold separately: The Petzl Jag Traxion – A high efficiency double ‘progress capture’ pulley (a catch can be engaged which will allow the rope to only travel one way). Similar in design to the popular Petzl Micro Traxion but with two pulley wheels, the Jag Traxion also features a becket making it ideal for putting into a Z rig or a hauling system.
Petzl Jag Traxion PulleyAlso in the Jag Haul Kit is the Petzl Jag Twin Pulley, another high efficiency double pulley. Pair it with the Jag Traxion and you can gain a huge mechanical advantage.
Petzl Jag Twin (Double) Pulley

Petzl have also developed a nifty new swivel the Swivel Open – This is a gated swivel which can be put into a system to help to reduce the number of components needed for attachment.
Petzl Swivel Open

Petzl have made a design tweek to their hand ascenders and Ascentree double handed ascender which will be phased in. The top section of the Ascensions are now similar in design to the new Petzl Basic with a nice ergonomic grip which will appeal to those who hold the top of the device when ascending.
2015 Petzl Ascension Hand Ascenders
Also new but with no additional information immediately:

– Petzl Tanga, a connector positioning ring designed to keep the Progress Adjust device orientated correctly on a Vertigo karabiner.
– Tweeked versions (we expect improved lighting performance and battery life) of the Pixa 1, 2, 3 and 3R
– A new Tikka torch called the Petzl Tikka Pro, an ultra-compact headlamp designed for close-range work and occasional use
Kit Adapt to fix the new Tikka headlamps on a helmet (also allows the headtorch to be tilted)
– And finally replacement pouches will soon available for the Absorbica and ASAP’sorbers!