Abaris MD raising money for Oxfam

Blood, sweat and tears for Oxfam…

After years of running marathons and half marathons and wishing to volunteer for anything to keep the middle aged spread at bay, Will, our MD has decided to try a walk!

Coerced into joining 3 friends, he will be walking 100km non-stop in about 24 hours in the Yorkshire Dales. The race (he is a former Royal Marines Officer), I mean walk, is all cross country and over the 100km will also ‘enjoy’ doing the equivalent height gained of twice up Snowdon.

It promises to be gruelling but the cause is certainly worthwhile. We are offering our customers the opportunity to help us collectively raise >£1,400 for Oxfam and would welcome your kind donation; everything counts, large or small. To learn more about what we are doing take a look at this link http://www.oxfam.org.uk/trailtrekker/the-challenge

We have a few “prizes” to entice would be “donators” that we intend to raffle off. Everyone that donates will be put into the raffle.

Some of the random “prizes” (and they are very random…) include a brand new Mammut Jacket (£160!), some Petzl tee shirts, various England Rugby tops, some Umbro hoodies, some sailing gloves, a bottle of Whiskey, a £10 Amazon voucher and a box of chocolates… amongst other things.

To sponsor us please follow this link: